A Brief History of Paul’s Quizzing Career

1983 A 12 year old Paul, complete with moustache, captains his team to 2nd place in the London junior schools quiz championships. His inability to recognise a sedan chair proves crucial and provides his Dad with a tedious anecdote for the next 30 years.

1988 Paul wins his first tenner on the Give us a Break quiz machine. He then spends much of the next decade on the damn machines to the benefit of his finances but to the detriment of his medical studies.

1990 Paul reaches the semi finals of Intellect, a long forgotten and deathly dull gameshow which tried to fill the gap left by the temporary absence of University Challenge. This link is the only internet evidence of the show.

1993 Paul unsuccessfully auditions for Wheel of Fortune. He was offered Win Lose or Draw instead which he politely declined.

2002 In a shock development, Paul nabs a place on an episode of The Weakest Link. In the first round he declines to take part in a scam where a slightly irritating contestant was voted off en masse. But his own performance was dreadful and he deservedly gets voted off in round 4.

2007 Paul defeats Josie Long in an epic contest to win the first ever stage version of future telly show We Need Answers at the Edinburgh Festival.

2007 Paul joins Simon Evans, Natalie Haynes and comedy promoter Pete Graham to take part in University Challenge the professionals. They were unaware that their opposition, the Ministry of Justice were seasoned quizzers. Despite a strong start, the comedians were outclassed by the eventual winners. Amazingly someone has uploaded the entire episode onto YouTube.

2008 Chastened by defeat , Paul vows to get better and applies to go on Mastermind. His specialist subject was the explorer Ferdinand Magellan. Despite a respectable score of 25 , he finishes 4th. Nobody has ever come 4th with such a high score since. Paul can be seen in the background on this clip.

The MOD Movement in Britain Mastermind

2008 This defeat furthers Paul interest in quizzing and he joins a quiz team in the Quiz League of London captained by Gavin Fuller, the youngest ever series winner of Mastermind, and featuring as their star player Kevin Ashman, Egghead and the world’s greatest ever quizzer. Paul’s mind is blown, and he still plays as often as he can in the Quiz League of London for his new team the Gray Monks, and is now a committee member.

2009 Paul takes part in his first Grand Prix event, a monthly quiz run by the British Quizzing Association. This becomes an obsession as Paul strives to improve. Within 18 months , he scores his best ever result finishing 31st out of 1200 in the 2010 World Quizzing Championships. He then applies for the show Are You an Egghead, where he is relived to draw relatively kind opposition. However after winning all 5 Eggheads , none of them successfully help him out in the final round, and he suffers a shock defeat. CJ de Mooi claimed to have read an autobiography of the Rosetta Stone. In retrospect, Paul would have played eventual winner Pat Gibson in the second round, so humiliation was avoided.

2011 After the trauma of Are You an Egghead, Paul had no intention of ever appearing on a television gameshow again. The Quiz League of London and the grand prix circuit gave him all the quiz pleasure he needed. Then in January 2011 Paul was gigging in Mumbai when he switched on his computer and logged onto Facebook. Mark Labbett a quiz acquaintance, sent him a message on Facebook chat saying “Hi”. Paul, mistakenly thinking that his dream man was about to flirt with him, replied back. And Mark said “ITV are looking for a 4th Chaser”…

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