“I have nothing to say to that maggot” High gameplay drama!

Paul’s worst performance, still wakes up in a cold sweat!

Very likeable team but a onesided affair.

A superb team and a thrilling finish.

A stuttering start leads to a thrilling finish.

Likeable team and a good final chase.

Entertaining team , unlucky to come up against Paul in fine form.

Paul in great form

Well discovered this. The first ever negative offer to get back…………….

And this. This is Paul’s first ever episode!

Another onesided affair.

A magnificent farmer’s wife deservedly takes the spoils.

Statistically Paul’s finest chase.

Utterly ruthless.

Another strong team fall at the last hurdle.

Take one fantastic team. Add an on form Chaser. The result – one of the most spectacular final chases in history.

A hugely entertaining episode, for a variety of reasons.

Paul takes down a likeable team of distinctly mixed ability.

A brilliant team deservedly take the spoils.

Great final chase after struggling early on.